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  • Chocolate Orange Truffle

    Our Mighty Leaf Chocolate Orange Truffle tea combines vanilla, chocolate cacao nibs and orange peels blend with India and China black tea leaves to impart a full, deep chocolate citrus tea that is destined to become a favorite. This blend pairs well with cream-based desserts such as a creme brulee.

  • Masala Chocolate Truffle

    Masala Chocolate Truffle herbal tea delivers creamy chocolate notes accompanied by zesty cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves in this chai tea like herbal infusion.

  • Organic Cocoa Matcha

    Truly greater than the yum of its parts. Matcha and cocoa whip up a sweet, tender green tea with a delightful undercurrent of rich chocolate. Try it with milk for a creamy treat. * 1.5 oz tin = ~30 cups--> Our Favorite Recipes Hot Cocoa Mint Matcha Add 1 teaspoon of matcha to your matcha bowl (or…

  •  Mayan Chocolate Truffle - 1lb bag

    Discover our Mayan Chocolate Truffle herbal tea, where chocolate chips mingle with chunks of chili and red pepper, and bits of apple and strawberry in this stimulating herbal infusion with a sweet finish. This caffeine free herbal tea is a good alternative to traditional chai tea.

  • Acai Pomegranate Black Decaf

    …tea and superfruit Acai from Brazil, this fruity and decaffeinated black tea blend combines pomegranate and Brazilian Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries with rich black tea leaves. The tart notes of pomegranate are balanced by the slightly blueberry and chocolate notes of acai for a rejuvenating infusion.

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  • Acai Black

    Ceylon black tea leaves blend with Brazilian superfood Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries for a fruity, full-bodied brew. With a flavour reminiscent of blueberries and notes of chocolate, acai berries come from the Amazon rainforest.

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  • Mandarin Rose

    …black tea boasts a garden of aromatic, candy-pink petals and rich black China tea leaves that result in a delicate wine essence with hints of chocolate and rose. This exotic Mighty Leaf signature blend offers a fragrant and visually memorable experience. Our Favorite Recipes Mandarin Rose Au Lait…

    $12.95 - $44.95
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  • Organic Assam Estate

    Black tea from the renowned Satrupa estate in Assam, India, our Organic Assam black tea is strong and slightly sweet, with a hint of Swiss chocolate. A very balanced brew, these exquisite clonal black tea leaves grow in a shady valley surrounded by the Himalayas. This pure tea is a treat.

    $15.95 - $54.95
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  • Organic Almond Spice

    …region, consisting of green tea, spices, and almond. Locally, it’s called “Kashmiri Chai”, since ‘chai’ just means ‘tea’ in Hindi, and doesn’t necessarily indicate a milky beverage. This is our only hot tea that uses green teas from India. Our Favorite Recipes Almond Spice Bittersweet Hot Chocolate

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Organic Coconut Assam

    …drawn out. The oil that can be seen on the surface of the cup (which is unusual to see in tea) contributes to its rich taste. Assam is the largest tea growing area in India, known for strong teas with a malty sweetness. Our Favorite Recipes Coconut Assam Milk Hot Chocolate Iced Coconut Assam Latté

    $9.95 - $58.85
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