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Decaf Mint Tea

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  • Organic Mint Melange

    Organic Mint Melange herbal tea, renews and refreshes with the finest organic mint loose leaf leaves from the lush Middle Atlas Mountain range in Morocco. A well-rounded infusion with sweet lingering notes, Organic Mint Melange herbal tea captures the cool and pure essence of mint.

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Marrakesh Mint

    Marrakesh Mint green tea is made from China Gunpowder green tea blended with refreshing Moroccan mint. Packaged in a silken tea pouch, our gourmet teabag, this blend will whisk you away to cascading waterfalls deep in the mountains of Morocco. Host friends and family with this lively green tea

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Organic Verbena Mint

    Organic Verbena Mint herbal tea, made of organic mint and verbena, produces a feeling of renewal - it overcomes you with soft citrus notes of verbena leaves balanced with a beautiful hint of mint. An excellent late afternoon herbal tea to sip while cozying up with your favorite book or caffeine-free…

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  • Green Tea Collection Tea Chest

    …it the perfect gift for any green tea lover or ideal for entertaining guests. The Green Tea Collection contains 30 individually-wrapped hand-stitched pouches, 5 each of: * Green Tea Tropical* Organic Spring Jasmine* Organic Emerald Matcha* Organic Almond Spice* Organic Green Dragon* Marrakesh Mint

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  • Organic Detox Collection Tea Chest

    Sixteen Detox Infusion Tea Pouches. A Dandelion and burdock root cleanse with fresh mint and licorice revive the palate.

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  • Ginger Twist

    …Twist herbal tea is a harmonious mix of lemongrass, tropical fruits, and mint fueled with a touch of ginger and ginseng. A lush and magical infusion, Ginger Twist helps promote calm, focus and good health. Filled with herbal loose tea, these silken tea pouches, our twist on the gourmet tea bag, will…

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Organic Detox Infusion

    Detox tea is reinterpreted in our Organic Detox Infusion - a lush herbal tea highlighted by the clean notes of mint and basil. Savor this artisan crafted blend in our silken tea pouch, our twist on the gourmet teabag. It's a spa retreat in a cup.

    $9.95 - $58.85
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