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  • Mighty Leaf Glass Teapot with Infuser

    …glass teapot features a spacious stainless steel infuser with extra-fine holes, allowing the tea to expand fully and bring out the most flavor and aroma. The stackable design of the durable translucent lid offers a convenient space-saving solution. Hand washing the glass pot is recommended, infuser

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  • Mighty Leaf Infuser Mug

    The Mighty Leaf Infuser Mug is perfect for brewing up loose tea brews in a convenient, compact package. This 15-ounce glazed porcelain mug includes an extra-fine stainless steel infuser for loose leaf tea. It's never been easier to enjoy Mighty Leaf one delicious cup at a time. Hand washing the mug…

  • Loose Tea Filter Bags - Teapot size

    …leaf tea and herbal infusions without an infuser. These Loose Tea Filter Bags accommodate a tea cup or tea pot size portions. A convenient way to make tea anytime of day without a mess. Unbleached and biodegradable, 100 paper filters come in one box. Available in cup size or teapot size packs.Loose…

    $8.95 - $9.95
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  • Henley Teapot

    This modern teapot includes a mesh infuser to capture the tea leaves. Made of stainless steel, this pot offers a great contemporary option to ceramic, stoneware or glass teapots. A teapot with Mighty Leaf flare and style plus functionality. 14 ounces.

  • Stump Teapot

    The Stump Teapot exemplifies simple beauty. The clean lines and functional design make it ideal for brewing your favorite loose leaf or pouched teas. It comes with a fine mesh infuser (0.3 mm) for steeping even the finest infusions. • 18 oz. capacity • Dishwasher-safe; not microwaveable

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  • Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot

    …teas suitable for multiple infusions. • Unique award-winning patented design • Outer container teapot made of durable glass • Inner cup and lid made of BPA free polycarbonate • Idea for multiple infusions as you can control steeping process • 16.9 oz. capacity teapot, 6.5 oz. capacity inner cup •…

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  • Salam Teapot

    The Salam Teapot by french silversmith Guy Degrenne is an elegant art deco designed porcelain and stainless steel teapot first produced in France in 1953. With a glazed white teapot, a removable infuser basket and a felt-lined padded 18/10 stainless steel cozy that keeps tea hot, the Salam blends…

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  • TeaTop Brew Travel Mug

    …Travel Mug is good to go. You no longer have to drink over-brewed tea. Featuring the patented TeaTop lid, this brew mug is a "traveling teapot" perfect for enjoying whole leaf Tea Pouches. The brewing system is simple: Fold the tea tag in half and thread through the underside of the slit…

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Related Categories Sampler | Tea Infuser | Chocolate | Infuser