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  • Organic Detox Infusion

    Detox tea is reinterpreted in our Organic Detox Infusion—a lush herbal tea highlighted by the clean notes of mint and basil. It's a spa retreat in a cup. Organic Detox Infusion tea benefits include alleviation of liver stress and a healthy supply of antioxidants. Experience it for yourself.

    $6.99 - $54.95
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  • White Lotus

    …smooth, delicate white tea leaves with zesty notes of ginger and nuances of citrusy lemon myrtle for a refreshing infusion. This Chinese white tea is low in caffeine and carries a wealth of antioxidants and detoxing properties. Enjoy great health benefits and taste with out White Lotus tea today.

    $ - $
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  • Organic Hojicha

    …style category, Organic Hojicha contains lowest levels of caffeine of any Japanese tea. While organic Hojicha green tea has fewer tannins and antioxidants than other types of green tea, it still has considerable amounts of these healthy substances. Savor the toasty notes and enjoy the Hojicha tea…

    $9.95 - $58.85
  • Organic Matcha Singles

    …showcase the distinctive taste and smooth texture that our premium organic matcha is known for: creamy body, vegetal flavor, and hint of the sea. Healthy and vibrant, our matcha tea contains highly concentrated antioxidants and unique L-theanine amino acids found almost exclusively in green tea.

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  • Organic Lapsang Souchong

    …black tea made in the age-old tradition of slowly smoking tea leaves. Made from large and thick leaves, Lapsang Souchong tea produces an intensely smoky brew that is considered to be a unique treat. Lapsang Souchong loose leaf tea is also a rich source of magnesium and contains healthy antioxidants.

    $ - $
  • Rejuvenation Collection Tea Chest

    …and cornflowers. * Marrakesh Mint, a balanced combination of Chinese gunpowder green tea and Moroccan mint. * Organic Emerald Matcha is a dynamic combination of Japanese sencha and matcha, which is high in healthy antioxidants. * Organic Detox is a rejuvenating tea filled with refreshing herbs.

    $19.95 $10.99
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  • Ceylon Kenilworth

    Black tea from Sri Lanka, Ceylon Kenilworth is highly prized for its creamy character, subtle perfumed notes and rich-body. Grown at high elevation, at the esteemed Kenilworth estate in the western hills of Sri Lanka, this tea is great hot or iced. Enjoy an antioxidant-rich cup of Ceylon Kenilworth…

    $6.99 - $38.95
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  • Best of Mighty Leaf Green Tea Bundle

    …Spring Jasmine, Green Tea Tropical, and Organic Hojicha. These top-rated green teas are bursting with whole leaf flavor and are ideal for those seeking to enjoy the healthful benefits of lightly caffeinated, anti-oxidant rich green teas. Green Tea Bundle includes three 15-ct boxes (45 tea bags).

  • Wild Berry Hibiscus

    …and strawberry. It's berry bliss in a cup. Wild berry hibiscus tea benefits include improved metabolism, lowered cholesterol, and blood pressure. Try this anti-oxidant rich tea now. Our Favorite Recipes Wild Berry Blast Wild Hearts in Champagne Wild Berry Hibiscus Smoothie Bowl Wild Berry Sangria

    $9.95 - $58.85
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