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  • Pear Caramel - 1lb bag

    Pear Caramel black tea is made from Chinese black tea flavored with notes of pear and caramel. A Mighty Leaf Tea signature blend, consider this luscious and rich caramelized Pear tea as the perfect after-dinner dessert tea or afternoon treat. Our Favorite Recipes Pear Caramel Bliss

    $11.00 - $37.95
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  • Kyoto Rice - 4oz bag

    Kyoto Rice green tea is a classic Japanese green tea blend called genmaicha. Rich, dark green loose leaf tea leaves blend with toasted brown rice for a deep, brothy, and nurturing infusion. The toasted brown rice also gives a rich flavor to the Kyoto Rice tea. Take a relaxing sip.

    $14.95 - $50.95
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  • Ceylon Kenilworth - 1lb bag

    tea from Sri Lanka, Ceylon Kenilworth is highly prized for its creamy character, subtle perfumed notes and rich-body. Grown at high elevation, at the esteemed Kenilworth estate in the western hills of Sri Lanka, this tea is great hot or iced. Enjoy an antioxidant-rich cup of Ceylon Kenilworth Tea.

    $11.95 - $38.95
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  • Marrakesh Mint - 1lb bag

    Gunpowder green tea from China and refreshing mint blend together to create our Marrakesh Mint green tea. Enjoy this classic green tea blend and find yourself whisked away to cascading waterfalls deep in the mountains of Morocco. Host friends and family with this lively green tea brightened with…

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  • Organic Breakfast - 4oz bag

    …black tea is a robust, wide-awake blend of premium black tea leaves from Southern India. Our take on the classic English Breakfast, it is perfect everyday from dawn to dusk. Named "Best Plain Black Tea" in premium tea category by Cook's Illustrated Magazine. Our Favorite Organic Breakfast Tea

    $10.95 - $33.95
  • Vanilla Bean - 1lb bag

    Vanilla Bean black tea, a deep blend of loose leaf black tea with vanilla, conjures up images of inhaling the heady aroma of wild vanilla as you hike the tropics near Mt. Maromakotro. Vanilla Bean tea is a blend of Ceylon and India loose leaf black teas, and makes a full-bodied cup with a deeply…

    $12.95 - $43.95
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  • Orange Blossom - 1lb bag

    Orange Blossom black tea is a luscious, rich brew teeming with notes of orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms. Made with Chinese black teas, Orange Blossom brews up a fragrant and full bodied dark tea. Reminiscent of an aged Port, the flavor of this Orange Blossom tea is sure to please.

    $14.95 - $50.95
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  • Irish Breakfast - 1lb bag

    …a rich and strong black tea from Assam in northern India. A popular loose leaf Irish breakfast tea, it yields a complex cup with malty, floral and sweet flavors. Our Irish breakfast tea is perfect plain but also delicious with a splash of milk. The Irish drink more tea per capita than almost anyone…

    $9.95 - $37.95
  • Organic Sencha - 1lb bag

    …Organic Sencha is a classic Japanese style green tea drank and enjoyed daily. Deep-green, natural leaves produce Organic Sencha's delicate aroma and its smooth, sweet tasting vegetal flavor. The beautiful, unrolled green leaf of organic sencha tea resembles pine needles and is good for multiple…

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  • Chamomile Citrus - 4oz bag

    …rejuvenate the spirit. From intoxicating aroma to sweet flavor, this Mighty Leaf Tea signature blend with Chamomile, fruits and herbs reflects our vision of the artisan tea experience. Our Favorite Chamomile Citrus Tea Recipes Chamomile Cosmo Sweet Chamomile Dreams Latte Chamomile Citrus Sipping…

    $9.95 - $52.95
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