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  • Black Tea Master Pouch Sampler

    The Black Tea Master Tea Pouch Sampler is great as a stand alone gift or as a refill for a Mighty Leaf Presentation Box. Assortment of 108 tea pouches. Includes 16 pouches of: • Organic Breakfast • Organic Earl Grey • Organic Darjeeling Estate • Orange Dulce • Bombay Chai • Vanilla Bean Includes 12…

  • 9-Unit Presentation Box - Black

    Presented tableside at four and five star restaurants worldwide, our large black tea chest box is classic and refined. With subtle details of flat pebble-grain finish and white contrast stitching, the tea book is a great accoutrement for private entertaining and makes an ideal tea gift. This…

  • Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.

    …Bold and spicy, this aromatic blend combines whole leaf organic black tea with cinnamon, licorice root, ginger, cardamom and cloves. Earl Grey Creme - An unusual spin on the classic Earl Grey tea. This distinctive, flavored black tea rounds out its crisp bergamot notes with a gentle, creamy…

  • Classic Tea Cup

    • Dishwasher-safe • Microwavable • Sold individually Materials • Lead-free High-fired Ceramic Product Specifications • Dimensions: L 3.25" x D 3.25" x H 2.875" • Weight: .38 lb • Volume: 7 oz.

  • Organic Black Iced Tea - 6 pouches

    This dark amber thirst-quencher is a bracing, rich iced tea. Made with organic black tea leaves and just the right amount of sunny disposition, this classic iced tea makes it easy to sit back and enjoy.

  • Black Currant - Gallon Iced Tea - 10 Pouches

    Black Currant Iced Tea consists of high-grown Indian and Ceylon black teas blended with natural black currant fruit that make a flavorful and thirst quenching summer iced tea. Enjoy a clean and pure thirst-quenching experience. Our tin and refill each contain 10 pre-portioned 1-ounce filter bags.…

  • Organic Black - Gallon Iced Tea - 10 pouches

    This dark amber thirst-quencher is richly flavored with a refreshingly brisk kick. Made with premium organic black tea leaves and a sunny disposition, Organic Black Iced Tea is a classic in the making. Just sit back and enjoy. Brewing Instructions * Place 1 iced tea filter bag in a gallon sized…

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  • Acai Black

    Ceylon black tea leaves blend with Brazilian superfood Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries for a fruity, full-bodied brew. With a flavour reminiscent of blueberries and notes of chocolate, acai berries come from the Amazon rainforest.

  • Acai Pomegranate Black Decaf

    Made with black tea and superfruit Acai from Brazil, this fruity and decaffeinated black tea blend combines pomegranate and Brazilian Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries with rich black tea leaves. The tart notes of pomegranate are balanced by the slightly blueberry and chocolate notes of acai for a…

  • Organic Black Tea Teaser 10-Ct.

    …tea lover in your life, and can be enjoyed by connoisseurs and beginners alike. Bundle includes three 10-ct boxes (30 tea bags): • Tea & Company Black Tea Teaser (Emperor’s Breakfast – 4 tea bags, Earl Grey Crème – 3 tea bags, Meridian Chai – 3 tea bags) • Tea & Company Green Tea Teaser (Royal…

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