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  • Loose Tea Essentials - Black Tea

    …loose leaf tea with this essential black tea infusion set. Our popular Vanilla Bean loose leaf black tea is a full-bodied, heady blend of real vanilla beans and rich black tea. This bundle also includes our folding handle tea infuser, a compact and useful tool for brewing loose leaf tea at home or…

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  • Tea & Company Fine Tea Experience

    …ultimate tea experience for the ultimate tea lover. This gift set features the signature flavors of our Tea & Company fine tea collection, all wrapped up in a pretty box for easy gifting. And, no gift set would be complete without the accessories that go with it, so we've included our classic tea

  • Organic Loose Tea Collection Tea Chest

    Our whole leaf tea flavors are on full display with our Organic Loose Tea Collection Chest. Each chest contains an assortment of six of our most popular loose leaf teas. These beautiful gift boxes make wonderful tea gifts with the entire whole loose leaf tea experience inside. This collection…

  • Loose Tea Essentials - Green Tea

    tea essentials with this green tea essential infusion set. Our bestselling Green Tea Tropical is a harmonious and uplifting blend highlighting sweet tropical fruit and smooth green tea. Our green tea essential bundle also includes a twisting tea ball that makes it easy to scoop up loose leaf tea and…

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  • Loose Tea Essentials - Herbal Tea

    …loose herbal tea with this essential herbal infusion set. Our bestselling Chamomile Citrus tea is a refreshing and calming blend of sweet chamomile and subtle citrus. Our loose herbal tea essentials also include a twisting tea ball that makes it easy to scoop up loose leaf tea and steep in directly…

  • Black Tea Explorer

    Black tea enthusiasts will love this indulgent trio of unique black teas. The Black Tea Explorer bundle features two hearty and cozy black teas, including our bestselling Vanilla Bean and Bombay Chai teas. The collection also features the Black Tea Teaser pack from our Tea & Company fine tea

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  • Japanese Tea Experience

    tea essentials is perfect for those seeking a unique, artisanal tea experience. Our Japanese Tea Experience features a hand-crafted Japanese tea set with a matching tea pot (18 oz.) and two tea cups (7 oz. each), plus two premium loose teas sourced from Japan, including our toasty Kyoto Rice tea and…

  • Loose Tea Filter Bags

    …Loose Tea Filter Bags are perfect for brewing loose leaf tea and herbal infusions without an infuser. These Loose Leaf Tea Filter Bags accommodate a tea cup or tea pot size portions. A convenient way to make tea anytime of day without a mess. Unbleached and biodegradable, you will get 100 Loose Tea

    $8.95 - $9.95
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  • Herbal Tea Explorer

    …unique blends for herbal tea enthusiasts. Featuring an Herbal Tea Teaser from our Tea & Company fine tea collection, plus two classic Mighty Leaf herbal teas, including one box of our lush, calming Ginger Twist tea and one box of our vibrant, tart Wild Berry Hibiscus tea. *Items are packaged…

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  • Green Tea Explorer

    …unique blends for green tea enthusiasts. Featuring warming Mighty Leaf teas, including one box of our indulgent Almond Spice tea and one box of our lively and bright Marrakesh Mint tea. This bundle also features the Green Tea Teaser pack from our Tea & Company fine tea collection. *Items are…

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