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  • Japanese Tea Cup Set of 4

    A set of 4 handmade Japanese tea cups, artisan crafted and uniquely designed. Each individual piece is inspired by organic forms and colors found in nature. Called “free cups”, the subtly irregular forms are designed to reinforce natural themes. They are aesthetically stunning and functionally…

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  • Honey Spoon Gift Set

    A delightful way to enjoy your favorite tea. Simply place a honey spoon in hot tea, wait one minute and enjoy a deliciously honeyed flavor. Each spoon is hand-poured, so slight variations may occur. Individually wrapped, made fresh to order in the USA Contains Soy Each lollipop weighs 0.4 oz

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  • Immunity & Digestion Gift Set

    …it all - our new Organic Immunity and Organic Digestion wellness teas which support your well-being year round.* Enjoy them with our classic double-walled Pavina glasses, a set of two infuser holders, and a box of honey spoons, all perfect for warming you right up. *Items are packaged individually

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  • Matcha Madness Gift Set & Flavor Trio

    Give the gift of the ultimate Matcha experience. Featuring a collection of our best Matcha teas, the set includes our top-grade Ceremonial Matcha, plus our distinctive Organic Cocoa Matcha and Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha. Since no collection is complete without the tools to make it, we've sourced…

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  • Beat the Winter Blues Gift Set

    The winter blues have got nothing on this set of hearty black teas and turquoise hued matching tea set. Warm up with cozy flavors like our lightly spiced Bombay Chai, sweet and aromatic Vanilla Bean, and the Black Tea Teaser pack from our Tea & Company fine tea collection. *Items are packaged…

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  • Red & Rooibos Holiday Gift Set

    …tea and tea accesories. The bundle features a matching set of red ceramic teaware, including a tea pot (24 oz.), two tea cups (7 oz. each) and two infuser holders. Plus, enjoy our Coco Chai Rooibos herbal loose tea in addition to a set of our three limited time winter flavors, including Peppermint…

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  • Classic Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set

    The ultimate collection of tea and accessories for the true Matcha connoisseur. Includes everything you need to host a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, including a Ceremonial Matcha Bowl, Matcha Whisk and Whisk Stand, a Matcha Scoop, and, of course, our signature tin of top-grade Ceremonial…

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  • Japanese Tea Set

    Relish in the simple beauty of our artisanal Japanese tea and tea accessories. This luxurious set includes 4 hand-crafted stoneware tea cups (7.5 oz. each) made in Japan and inspired by nature. The bundle also features two distinctive teas sourced directly from Japan, including our Organic Emerald…

  • Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set

    The Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set contains 3 essential pieces for the ultimate matcha lover: a traditional matcha bowl (“chawan”), a bamboo matcha whisk (“chasen”) and a bamboo matcha scoop (“chashaku”). All items included in this set are hand-crafted, made in Japan, and suitable for traditional…

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  • Japanese Tea Set

    A set of 2 Japanese tea cups and 1 matching tea pot, all handmade by artisans in Japan. Each individual piece is unique, inspired by organic forms and colors found in nature. Each piece is purposefully built with subtly irregular forms, and designed to reinforce natural themes. They are…

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