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Matcha Gift Set

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  • Matcha Madness Gift Set & Flavor Trio

    Give the gift of the ultimate Matcha experience. Featuring a collection of our best Matcha teas, the set includes our top-grade Ceremonial Matcha, plus our distinctive Organic Cocoa Matcha and Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha. Since no collection is complete without the tools to make it, we've sourced…

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  • Classic Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set

    …including a Ceremonial Matcha Bowl (“chawan”), a bamboo Matcha whisk (“chasen”), a bamboo Matcha scoop (“chashaku”), and, of course, our signature tin of top-grade Ceremonial Matcha, like only Mighty Leaf can make. Order your own Japanese matcha tea ceremony gift set while stocks last. *Items…

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  • Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set

    The Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set contains 3 essential pieces for the ultimate matcha lover: a traditional matcha bowl (“chawan”), a bamboo matcha whisk (“chasen”) and a bamboo matcha scoop (“chashaku”). All items included in this matcha ceremonial tea set are hand-crafted, made in Japan, and…

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  • Japanese Tea Set

    …accessories. This luxurious Japanese tea set includes 4 hand-crafted stoneware tea cups (7.5 oz. each) made in Japan and inspired by nature. The bundle also features two distinctive teas sourced directly from Japan, including our Organic Emerald Matcha, and classic Genmai Cha. *Items are packaged…

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  • Ultimate Japanese Tea Experience

    …including a stoneware tea pot (21 oz.), a set of four ceramic tea cups (7.5 oz. each), all artisan-made in Japan and traditionally inspired. Plus, get the full experience with one box each of our distinctive Organic Hojicha and Organic Emerald Matcha green teas. *Items are packaged individually.

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  • Latte Lover

    …indulgent, frothy favorite right into your home. The Latte Lover bundle includes an electric frother (perfect for whipping up milk as well as Matcha!), a set of sleek double walled Pavina glasses, plus a box of our seasonal Winter Solstice tea, a jubilant and cozy winter blend. *Items are packaged…

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