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  • Marrakesh Mint

    Gunpowder green tea from China and refreshing mint blend together to create our Marrakesh Mint green tea. Enjoy this classic green tea blend and find yourself whisked away to cascading waterfalls deep in the mountains of Morocco. Host friends and family with this lively green tea brightened with…

    $11.95 - $39.95
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  • Organic Herbal Tea Teaser 10-Ct.

    The Tea & Company Herbal Tea Teaser Pack showcases our three Tea & Company herbal teas: Blood Orange Rooibos, Chamomile Yuzu, and Verbena Mint. Enjoy the soothing benefits of these truly unique, custom tea blends designed to delight the senses. This collection lets you experience the best herbal…

  • Organic Matcha

    Fresh, green tea leaves, ground to an ultra-fine powder with creamy body, vegetal flavor, and a hint of the sea. Green tea from Japan, Usucha Matcha is an elegant powdered tea made from the finest Japanese tencha and is commonly used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Experience the Way of…

    $14.95 - $24.95
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  • Organic Detox Tea

    Organic Detox Wellness Tea: 4 oz bag (24 servings) of loose herbal tea Healthy Cleansing Formula* There's nothing common about dandelion. For centuries, it has been used to help the body cleanse itself of natural toxins. Our Organic Detox Tea, powered by dandelion and burdock root, also features…

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  • Organic Verbena Mint 100-Ct. Tea Bags

    Organic Moroccan mint is perfectly balanced with the buttery richness and soft citrus notes of lemon verbena and spearmint in this harmoniously refreshing blend. *Excluded from price discount promotions.

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  • Organic Kashmiri Chai

    Kashmiri Chai is an aromatic and warming chai blend that combines organic black tea with flavorful cardamom, peppermint, nutmeg and a hint of black pepper. From the Himalayas of Northern India it delivers a unique twist on the traditional chai experience. For a chai latte, brew at double strength.…

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  • Xiao's Blend (Peppermint Chamomile)

    1 lb. Bag Cooling peppermint is complemented by calming chamomile in this blend that is simultaneously crisp and fresh and warm and soothing. Peppermint, chamomile and rose hip come together to create the perfect flavor.

  • Organic Immunity Tea

    …supports year-round immunity.* Utilizing the power of the Echinacea root, this immune-boosting tea combines Echinacea with elderberries, ginger and peppermint to lend a honeyed warmth to the flavor. Beat flu season and boost your immune system with this powerful infusion. Crafted by our tea master…

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  • Organic Sleep Tea

    Organic Sleep Wellness Tea: 4 oz bag (32 servings) of loose herbal tea Supports a Good Night’s Sleep* What are great dreams made of? Start with soothing Chamomile and Passionflower, blended with lavender and spearmint for a relaxing and calming flavor. Our Organic Sleep Wellness Tea is an…

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  • Limited Time Holiday Three Pack

    …Dark Chocolate blend is a total treat: black tea leaves, rich cacao, and a touch of vanilla bean combine to create a present that's just for you. Peppermint Chamomile is as crisp and fresh as a candy cane, and warm and soothing as a fireside. Just what you need to remember how fun the holidays can…

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