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  • Ginger Peach - 1-Quart Iced Tea - 6 pouches

    The sweetness of juicy peach meets the tang of ginger, and it's love at first sip. This refreshing black iced tea with a golden hue is a perfect accompaniment to a sunny day. Our Favorite Recipes Ginger Peach Palmer

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  • Limited Edition Winter Solstice - 15 pouches

    …time, enjoy the best part of the holidays with Mighty Leaf Tea. Winter Solstice tea is all your favorite holiday flavors wrapped into one: festive cinnamon, orange, and allspice fit the season like a holiday sweater — except with better taste. Our Favorite Recipes Winter Solstice Au Lait

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  • Genmai Cha

    …and popped rice makes for a superb rendition of a traditional Genmai Cha. Genmaicha green tea is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Fresh and vegetal with the aroma of roasted grain, this Genmaicha tea complements Japanese cuisine beautifully. Our Favorite Recipes Easter Matcha Chocolates

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  • Organic Breakfast

    …Breakfast black tea is a robust, wide-awake blend of premium black tea leaves. Our take on the classic English Breakfast is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk. Named "Best Plain Black Tea" in premium tea category by Cook's Illustrated Magazine. Our Favorite Recipes Organic Breakfast Tea Kombucha

    $10.95 - $33.95
  • Organic Earl Grey

    …black tea is made of rich organically grown black tea leaves and golden buds with a twist of citrusy organic bergamot. Mighty Leaf Tea perfects the classic Earl Grey loose tea with an elegant, balanced and full flavored cup. Earl Grey himself would be proud. Our Favorite Recipes Earl Grey Ice Cream

    $11.95 - $39.95
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  • Pear Caramel

    Pear Caramel black tea is made from Chinese black tea flavored with notes of pear and caramel. A Mighty Leaf Tea signature blend, consider this luscious and rich caramelized Pear tea as the perfect after-dinner dessert tea or afternoon treat. Our Favorite Recipes Pear Caramel Bliss

    $11.00 - $37.95
  • Cherry Lemon

    This Cherry Lemon tea is a green tea with a vivacious streak. Cheerful cherry and zesty lemon add an invigorating flavor to our smooth green tea. It’s time to try this unique, bright, and refreshing cherry lemon green tea. Our Favorite Recipes Cherry Green Tea Mojito Cherry Lemon Margarita

    $9.95 - $58.85
  • Organic Green Dragon

    …palate with a slightly sweet, very refreshing liquor. A classic pan-fired Chinese green tea, it has a delicate chestnut flavor, captivating aroma, and a lovely yellow-green color. Order this refreshing green dragon tea flavor in our hand-stitched tea pouches. Our Favorite Recipes Green Dragon Beer

    $9.95 - $58.85
  • Orange Blossom (Dulce)

    …is a luscious, rich brew teeming with notes of bergamot, orange, vanilla and jasmine. Made with Ceylon and Chinese black teas, Orange Blossom brews up a fragrant and full bodied dark tea. Reminiscent of an aged Port, the flavor is sure to please. Our Favorite Recipes Orange Blossom Cranberry Sauce

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Organic Meridian Chai 1 lb. Loose Leaf Tea

    …precious spices traded for centuries throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Bold and spicy, this aromatic blend combines whole leaf organic black tea with cinnamon, licorice root, ginger, cardamom and cloves. *Excluded from price discount promotions. Our Favorite Recipes Meridian Chai Pecan Pie Bars

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