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  • Assam Golden Tip

    Black tea from Assam, India, our Assam Golden Tip black tea is grown in a shady valley surrounded by the Himalayas. This pure tea is a treat.

  • Organic Darjeeling Estate

    Black tea from Darjeeling, India, our Organic Darjeeling Estate is sourced from the finest plantations in Darjeeling. These silver tipped black tea leaves yield a fruity and floral flavor resulting in an aromatic and memorable cup.

    $15.95 - $63.95
  • Jasmine Downy Pearls

    Smooth green tea from China, Jasmine Downy Pearls green tea is made from the finest silver tips of tender young buds, gently steamed after plucking, and hand-rolled into elegant pearls. During jasmine season, freshly picked blossoms are blended with the downy tea buds to produce an intoxicating…

    $24.95 - $99.95
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  • Organic Emerald Matcha

    …organic Sencha and organic Matcha green teas. Sencha (leaf tea) and Matcha (powder) are very old forms of tea in Japan, however they were never blended together until the last decade or so. Both teas are from Kagoshima prefecture, which is on the southern-most tip of Japan and is one of the three…

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Assam Extra Fancy

    Flowery Orange Pekoe teas from the best gardens at the peak of the second flush, evident by the lovely golden tips. This distinguished Assam brews a robust cup with tantalizing hints of honey, toast and wood.

    $13.95 - $44.95
  • Yunnan Fancy - 1lb bag

    Black tea from China, Yunnan Fancy, is one of the finest and noble Chinese black teas hailing from the cloud-veiled mountains of the Yunnan province. Nick-named the "mocha of teas", Yunnan Fancy black tea boasts beautiful large, golden-tipped leaves, a sensual aroma and a rich, smooth flavor with a…

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