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  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk

    This expertly crafted bamboo whisk, called a "chasen", is specially designed for whipping up a frothy, delicious bowl of matcha. A required part of every matcha lover's collection, suitable for tea ceremonies or casual use at home. • Handcrafted bamboo matcha whisk, 80-prong

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  • Matcha Whisk Stand

    Designed to help preserve the beauty and structure of your matcha whisk. Crafted from stone clay in Japan, this matcha whisk stand is a premium addition to your matcha accessory collection. Before and after using a matcha whisk, simply store it on this stand to protect it from damage and retain its…

  • Classic Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set

    The ultimate collection of tea and accessories for the true Matcha connoisseur. Includes everything you need to host a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, including a Ceremonial Matcha Bowl, Matcha Whisk and Whisk Stand, a Matcha Scoop, and, of course, our signature tin of top-grade Ceremonial…

  • Marrakesh Mint

    …Mint green tea is made from Chinese Gunpowder green tea blended with refreshing Moroccan mint. Packaged in a silken tea bag, our gourmet teabag, this Marrakesh mint tea will whisk you away to cascading waterfalls deep in the mountains of Morocco. Host friends and family with this lively green tea

    $9.95 - $58.85
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  • Marrakesh Mint

    Gunpowder green tea from China and refreshing mint blend together to create our Marrakesh Mint green tea. Enjoy this classic green tea blend and find yourself whisked away to cascading waterfalls deep in the mountains of Morocco. Host friends and family with this lively green tea brightened with…

    $11.95 - $39.95
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  • Matcha Frappe & Latte Mix

    tea powder made in Japan from green tea leaves plucked early in spring. Traditionally, matcha is whisked with water and consumed in its entirety, unlike other loose tea leaves. Matcha green tea mix provides a more concentrated green tea experience with a smooth and vegetal flavor. Matcha Green Tea

    $13.95 - $39.95
  • Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set

    …matcha lover: a traditional matcha bowl (“chawan”), a bamboo matcha whisk (“chasen”) and a bamboo matcha scoop (“chashaku”). All items included in this set are hand-crafted, made in Japan, and suitable for traditional tea ceremonies or casual use at home. Matcha Bowl: This artisanal, expertly…

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  • Matcha Madness Gift Set & Flavor Trio

    …including a Ceremonial Matcha Bowl, Matcha Whisk Stand and Matcha Whisk, and a Matcha Scoop, just for you. And, for the ultimate Japanese tea enthusiast, a traditional-style stoneware tea pot, designed to precisely mimic the look of the classic cast iron tea pots. *Items are packaged individually

  • DIY Matcha Latte Kit

    …latte at home! Our ready-to-make Matcha Frappe & Latte Mix is a delicious, easy-to-use blend. Plus, the bundle includes a unique, hand-crafted Matcha bowl and an electric whisk so it comes out just the way you want it - frothy and light. *Items are packaged individually. Batteries not included.

  • Organic Cocoa Matcha

    …bowl (or any 4-10oz bowl). If the matcha has any lumps add a small amount of cold water and use your whisk to dissolve into a smooth paste. Add 2.5-3oz of 175° water to the bowl. Use a bamboo whisk to froth the matcha until all of the large bubbles are gone — approximately 15-30 seconds.…

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